Yamlok (2010) - Rajendra Prasad, Sivaji, Kalyani | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitle

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Catch Full Length Zee Action Movies Here - http://tinyurl.com/Full-Length-Zee-Action-Movies Lord Bramha (Rajendra Prasad) has a tiff with his consort Goddess Saraswathi (Kalyani) and wrongly writes the fate of a girl that she would die the moment she gets married. On the other side, Seenu (Sivaji) is a bachelor getting older and is sent back again to college with the hope that someone will offer his daughter's hand if Seenu completes his degree. On coming to college, he sees Swetha (Sonia) and takes to liking her very much. This results into Seenu getting a sound beating in the hands of Swetha's brother-in-law Jackson (Raghubabu). Sreenu's classmate Shobhan Babu (Venumadhav) is a lazy fellow starts meditating for Lord Bramha on the advice of some saints in a forest. Lord Bramha also gets pleased with Shobhan Babu's penance and appears before him. Brahma grants him a peculiar kind of boon. Bramha gives Shobhan Babu a 'Kalasham' and tells him to drink milk from it and he will be knowing the future. In a co-incidence, Sreenu after getting beaten badly by Jackson falls at the same place where the Kalasham is. Inadvertently he drinks the milk in the Kalasham and starts getting knowledge of future events. Zee Action is one stop destination for Action Movies. The channel showcases the best of action flicks from Bollywood and Hollywood in Hindi.

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